Bot Traffic App

Bot Traffic App

Increase Traffic to your website from Search Engines And Social Medias With ONE CLICK!

Increase Web Traffic

(NOTE: This Is NOT an old out-dated software from China)

What is Bot Traffic App?

Bot Traffic App is an online application you can access from a pc, mac, mobile, etc. to simulate traffic to any website you want to rank higher in Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, but also Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...

It works like this:

After joining, you will get a special link to access the app. When inside the app all you need to do is submit your website plus a few keywords and click on "Run My Website".. That's it...

And then this will happens:

The software will start to simulate traffic to your website according to the keywords you submitted. This will not be "real" visitors to your site, BUT it will get your site rank higher in Search Engines and Social Medias for REAL visitors - this means, the more you use the app the higher you website will climb in Google and other Search Engines, for more real human visitors from your added keywords!

After submitting your website, you can just minimize the app-page and use your pc as normal, the app will keep running in the background until you click on the "Stop" button and close the page.

You can run and simulate traffic to up to 5 URL's at a time, and you can change the URL's any time you want, just hit the 'Stop' button, submit another website and start the app again! The more you let the app run in the background, the more and more REAL visitors you will get over time!

And best of all... 

You can also submit affiliate links, just remember to also put in targeted keywords phrases as well.

Please be aware: benetifs of submissions are not immediate (i.e. after one day). Some clients have reported an increment in traffic after a week, others after a month. But believe me - It's really worth waiting for!

Good bots vs Bad bots. (NOT all bots are bad)

If you run an e-commerce site, manage a company website or own a personal website, you have probably heard
about the impact of bots in the online world. Bots are crawling and running on internet in 24/7, visiting
sites and performing different tasks. One of the most important task performed by bots is search engine
indexing. These bots are called Good bots, known as search engines crawlers and spiders, the most important of
which are: Googlebots, Baidu Spider,MSN Bot/Bingbot etc. On the other hand, according to the Incapsula report,
nearly 3 out of every 10 visitors of your site are trying to steal information, break the security tools and
pretend to be something they are not. These are known as bad bots, the most common of which are content
harvesters and comment spammers.

Good bots (BotTraffic.App)

Good bots can simply be called as programs that search engines launch to get their database indexed with the
relevant and viable websites. Even though there are several important Good bots running in internet, one with
the most impact in your site performances is the Googlebot.  A "Googlebot" is Google's web crawling bot, that
crawls the Internet in search of new pages and websites to add to Google's index. In order to get the most
advantage of the Googlebots your site needs to be SEO friendly. There are several ways how to make sure that
your site it getting the best indexing by Googlebot. You can check the performance of Googlebot running in
your site by using the statistics provided by Google Webmaster Tools.

The cost for a LIFETIME membership is only $11.45 - and once you get access you can use the app whenever you want, with no restrictions at all.

* One-time payment NO monthly fee.

* Promote up to 5 websites a time.

* Change URL's as many times as you want.

* Adsense safe

* Just minimize the page and let it run in the background.

* You will soon see more and more traffic coming in from Search Engines and Social Medias.

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